Located in Richmond VA & Newport News VA
(804) 737-0134 •  info@newfreedomtransportation.com
Our Fleet Consists of 7 Fifteen-Passenger Vans, 8 Minivans, and Others!
Questions? Call us at (804) 737-0134.
Our Service

Our 15-passenger vans and minivans are the primary mode of travel for all of our

We strive to keep our vans clean and well-maintained. Our vehicles are employed
daily to transport passengers to and from primarily The HUF (Hope, Unity Freedom)
Centers, facilities in Richmond and Newport News specializing in adult daycare,
training and counseling for challenged individuals during the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.

We also transport individuals at the HUF Centers and elsewhere to and from doctor's
appointments, hospital visits and clinic exams
. These scheduled and sometimes
spontaneous trips are coordinated through our Richmond headquarters (usually
Pearl Townes, Office Manager).
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