Located in Richmond VA & Newport News VA
(804) 737-0134 •  info@newfreedomtransportation.com
Our Fleet Consists of 7 Fifteen-Passenger Vans, 8 Minivans, and Others!
Questions? Call us at (804) 737-0134.
Our Promise to Our Clients

New Freedom Transportation, LLC is committed to providing safe, clean and efficient
transport to our clients
in strict compliance with guidelines established by The
Commonwealth of Virginia and the U. S. Federal Government.

While New Freedom's transportation services are available to a variety of clients from
all walks of life,
our specialty is taking care of those with both mental and physical
. We pride ourselves in providing safe transportation from group homes
and facilities that specialize in their care.

Our standard services include transport to and from adult daycare and training
such as the H.U.F. Center. Ancillary services have been arranged with
Special Olympics for specialized care of their participants.

If you are a private, Medicare and Medicaid related business or organization seeking
transportation services, please give us a call at (804) 288-1248. We’d love to help!
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